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Recent features

The ‘education’ of Howard Gayle
Howard Gayle has experienced all the ups and downs of being a footballer. He now uses his experience, his �education�, to help youngsters pursuing the dream of making it big.

Homeless World Cup Finals
The success of the second Homeless World Cup Finals has helped restore ‘dignity and self worth’ to the players of the 29 countries involved, as Simon Reeves reports.

Unity Cup
On a balmy evening in south London the Reggae Boys and the Green Army locked horns in the deciding match of the Unity Cup. Paul O’Hara reports.

Obrigado Portugal – Fan diary
Peter John-Baptiste writes up his experience of Euro 2004 from an England fan’s perspective

Could this boy be the next Beckham?
Wayne Rooney has made the headlines as the newest star of English football. But, writes Victoria Shaw, he lacks the glamour to become an international icon

Matchday in Portugal
Football is football, but the experience is different in another country. Graham Jamieson tells us about his experience of Portuguese football

Great Portuguese players
From Eusebio in the ’60s to Figo today, Simon Curtis reviews the contribution that the Euro 2004 hosts have made to the list of football’s greatest players

England vs Portugal – a long history
As we look forward to Euro 2004 in Portugal, Phil Town reflects on a historic alliance and then brings us up-to-date with a look at these two countries’ more recent football rivalry

John Charles, the Gentle Giant
Welsh forward John Charles paved the way for the abolition of the maximum wage in England after he played in Italy for five years, but his impact in Turin was even greater

The Slow Spread of Football in Germany
Football only emerged as a major sport in Germany after World War I; prior to that gymnastics was the favoured pursuit. Ben Lyttleton explains why that changed

Ajax 5 Liverpool 1, 1966
This surprise win not only paved the way for the greatest era in Dutch football history but also marked a social revolution in Holland

England fans plan fan-friendly Lisbon
Described by the Portuguese press as on a mission to ‘civilise European football’ England fans visited Lisbon to prepare for a fan-friendly Euro 2004

Willy Garbutt, the Italian trailblazer
When Genoa appointed Willy Garbutt as coach in 1912, they could not have predicted the success he would bring to the club

Bringing the Game to Brazil
After ten years in England, Charles Miller returned to Brazil and was amazed no-one played football

Fathers, football and mental health
Good father-child relationships benefit mental health – parental quality time can come from watching football

The Origins of Dinamo Moscow
How an English textile boss got his Moscow workers playing football in 1887

Charlie Mitten
By quitting English football for Colombia in 1950 Charlie Mitten caused an uproar

Football in Australia
Four years before the FA established football’s rules Australians had developed their own version of the game

The Name Game in South America
As well as being in the English Premiership, Arsenal, Everton and Liverpool are also clubs in South America

Spreading Football via the British Army
How the British Army introduced football to the Far East and Africa

Fans Features

Fans friendly success in Faro – The night before the Portugal-England friendly and England fans are packed into a nightclub to meet Farense’s South Side Boys

Arsenal and Dynamo fans meet in Kiev – Fans meet up before their Champions’ League clash

We’ll support you ever more – Dr Alan Tapp’s recent study questioned fans’ undying loyalty

WUSA – reaction of the fans – How fans reacted to end of the Women’s United Soccer Association

Britain in World Football

Transatlantic Connections – Despite British influence, football was slow to become popular in the USA but over time it managed to find a place in the nation’s affections

Tragedy in Munich – A definind moment in Manchester United’s history

Hats off to Mr Pentland – The eccentric Englishman who coached Athletic Bilbao in the early 1930s

Sweden takes the best of British – Combining amateurism and commercialism

Dinamo teach Britain a lesson, 1945 – How British football took a while to learn from Dinamo Moscow’s successful tour of 1945

Stanley Matthews, global icon – Despite only winning one trophy in his career and never playing in European club competition, he was football’s first global icon

Player Features

A song for the fans – Nigerian-born footballer Peter Ijeh has a song in the charts saying thank you to his fans

Naybet can mix football and faith – Phil Minshull looks at the challenges Muslim footballers face over their faith

Lesbianism in the women’s game – Anjana Gadgil looks into negative perceptions of the women’s game

Groundbreaking Teams

Inter 1964 – Within four years of hiring Helenio Herrera Inter had won three league titles and ended Real Madrid’s hegemony

Japan 2002 – Coach Philippe Troussier’s improvements to the team had an impact on the whole country

Hungary 1953 – the first time England ever lost at home to continental opposition

West Germany 1954 – How a World Cup victory helped the rebirth of the nation

Dynamo Kiev – The scientific approach of Dynamo Kiev manager, Valery Lobanovsky

Behind the scenes

Home from home – The real flavour of a few well-known football grounds and sports stadiums

Footy on film – The recent growth of films about football

WWC2003: Watching the watchers – How the media watched the FIFA Women’s World Cup Finals 2003

Unsung Heros

The humble football: a eulogy – The forgotten hero

The England team on the couch – The doctor who has transformed the mental preparation of the England team

Felicity Ruggerio, U.S soccer mom – The passion and commitment of America�s army of �soccer moms�

Dads Against drugs – Using football as a means of providing drug awareness to children

Football and faith

Sacred soccer? – Football’s first commandment should read: ‘I am the club you are going to support, and I ain’t promising nothing!’

Imran Khan – grassroots Muslim footballer – “I always thought that people with beards and praying were a bit weird, that they were missing out on something.”

The magic of soccer – For most African soccer lovers the use of ritual is part of the game.

Sammy Kuffour – Football is what he plays, faith in God is what he practises.…